In Connected, one writer will send another a new piece of writing about a film they have been watching and pondering over, in the hopes that this will prompt a connection— emotional, thematic, historical, or analytical—to a different film the other has been watching or is inspired to rewatch.

By Conor Williams, Shonni Enelow | December 7, 2020

The radical in everyday life in a new American docu-comedy series and a classic by Abbas Kiarostami.

By Fanta Sylla, Courtney Duckworth | October 13, 2020

Contemporary political realities leaving our most vulnerable citizens in the dust inspires two writers recall the work of great filmmakers from Senegal and Japan.

By Bedatri D. Choudhury, Justin Stewart | September 15, 2020

A documentary about the 9to5 women's movement and an unsung Linklater drama paint an urgent portrait.

By Simran Hans, Vikram Murthi | September 1, 2020

Amidst isolation and precautionary measures, this week's paired-up writers find momentary solace—if not true escape—in the worlds of confounded men trying to get away from it all.

By Sarah Fonseca, Caden Mark Gardner | August 25, 2020

A 1959 postapocalyptic melodrama with Harry Belafonte and a recent domestic portrait set in 1960 have this week’s pair of writers thinking about displacement in America.

By Josh Cabrita, Violet Lucca | August 17, 2020

Two women try to make philosophical and moral sense of the increasingly confusing world in which they live in this week's pair of films, which speak across centuries and countries.

By Edo Choi, Kelli Weston | August 3, 2020

Two writers dive into the deep, red waters of genre.

By Kelley Dong, Caroline Golum | July 20, 2020

The dog days of this particularly dogged summer are getting to this week's pair of writers, who retreat to summer visions in which youthful expectation and adult anxiety make for fellow lazy sunbathers.

By Ela Bittencourt, James Wham | July 6, 2020

This week’s pair of writers semi-escape from their respective realities in São Paulo and New York by entering worlds of noir-ish fatalism and ironic hope with Kaurismäki and Truffaut.

By Katherine Connell, Ryan Swen | June 23, 2020

This week’s critics come together to officially put a nineties lesbian coming-of-age comedy and a sixties Hong Kong musical romance in the queer canon.

By Leo Goldsmith, Genevieve Yue | June 10, 2020

This week's pair of writers raise questions about contemporary pedagogy and parenting, sci-fi and fairy tales, isolation and ash, with an R-rated future parable and a trip back to storybook land.

In battling with paranoia and insomnia, and trying to make sense of the world, two writers go down separate wormholes—of an Australian faux-documentary horror movie and a Jacques Rivette tumble into conspiracy.

By Mark Asch, Tayler Montague | May 18, 2020

For this week's pair of writers, coping mechanisms including digging into the oeuvres of auteurs, from chronicler of the lonely American male Michael Mann to trailblazing Guadeloupean female filmmaker and activist Sarah Maldoror.

By Mayukh Sen, Emma Piper-Burket | May 11, 2020

Young women are sick of the status quo in an unfairly forgotten American indie from the nineties and a classic bit of anarchy from the Czech New Wave of the sixties.