This is a game explicitly about narrative, adaptation, and the multifaceted nature of games as a medium. The game was produced by Remedy, a studio now blessed with not only the budget to fully realize their vision but also implicit permission to experiment from a gaming public weary of copy-paste open world games.

November 21, 2023

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By Jordan Cronk | November 20, 2023
Text of Light

Unlike the moving-image installations presented as part of group exhibitions like documenta and the Venice Biennale, Villa Medici focuses squarely on the theatrical presentation of its selection—which, considering the Renaissance-era backdrop, makes for some surreal viewing environments.

By Michael Koresky | November 15, 2023
Todd Haynes

Haynes is doing something extraordinarily delicate and difficult in May December, reminding viewers, with the lightest of touches, that we are all implicated and indulgent in the processes of social, cultural, and sexual exploitation that define the modern consciousness.

The Haunting, Cat People, Possibly in Michigan, The City of the Dead, Dragonwyck, The Eternal Daughter, Ghostwatch.

By Nicholas Russell | October 31, 2023

It seems a mistake to retroactively graft the now-vaunted legacy of The Blair Witch Project onto the final product . . . the believability of fictionalized found footage has never only had to do with the question of what an audience knows going in.

By Keva York | October 8, 2023
At the Museum

Released in 1999, a year now fetishized as the last great flowering of the domestic cinema, American Movie encapsulates the shaggy, aspirational optimism of a quashed era, and one worthy of romantic remembrance.

By Lawrence Garcia | September 25, 2023
Festival Dispatch

So often in writing on experimental cinema (to say nothing of art in general) one is confronted with polarities of intuition and concept, emotion and intellect, feeling and form. Williams’s film demonstrates that while such distinctions may be legitimate, they need not be reified into strict dualisms.

Part 2 of a special conversation on games and art featuring Destiny 2, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Tower of Druaga, Pathologic 2, and more.

Incisive analysis in games criticism is still hard to find. In part one of this special conversation for Touching the Screen, five critics discuss potential angles from which to approach video games as art.

If Breath of the Wild found new possibilities for player choice in exploration, Tears of the Kingdom offers enticing glimpses of what is to come as game designers rise to meet the challenge of endlessly creative audiences.

By Greg Cwik | June 6, 2023
At the Museum

Fox remains underappreciated, even though his name is universally known. Fox is perhaps the sitcom performer who most successfully translated his innocent ebullience and endearing kineticism from television to film.

Museum of the Moving Image film curators Eric Hynes and Edo Choi continue their chat about Cannes 2023, including comments on Killers of the Flower Moon, May December, Anatomy of a Fall, The Pot au Feu, and more.

For the second year in a row, MoMI’s film curators visited the Cannes Film Festival together. Hynes and Choi pass notes in the hall between screenings, discussing the culture of and around the festival, and, yes, the occasional film.