By Kelli Weston | March 15, 2022
Festival Dispatch

The most intriguing films I saw were premised upon an often performative return to the near or distant past to resolve pesky questions of home or relationships, which is to say, inevitably, questions of identity and inheritance.

By Jeff Reichert | March 15, 2022
Festival Dispatch

A pleasing sense of ambient drift marked a number of the landscape-focused True/False features I saw, a welcome respite from the “story” and character-obsessed rigidity that hobbles the American commercial documentary industry.

By Edo Choi | March 9, 2022
Festival Dispatch

Even in this capacity-reduced iteration, one sensed the anticipation of what felt like largely local crowds returning to the program, perhaps for the first time since 2020, at each sold-out Forum screening.

By Farihah Zaman | February 7, 2022
Festival Dispatch

In the murky waters of documentary ethics, responsible filmmaking is not always a question of authorship, but of perspective. It is not just about who is behind the camera, but who is seen through its lens.

By Matthew Eng | February 3, 2022
Festival Dispatch

Bemoaning or simply acknowledging the metastasis of the “Sundance film” has an obvious tendency of obscuring the nonfiction and non-English narrative entries that premiere at the festival and aren’t likely to be sought out by viewers, especially virtual ones.

By Susannah Gruder | January 27, 2022
Festival Dispatch

Viewers watching this year’s Sundance films are being asked to interrogate their ways of seeing, coming up against films that examine perspective by more thoroughly investigating the relationship between who’s behind the camera and what we see on screen.

January 26, 2022
Years in Review

It’s always a relief to finally unveil our annual 2 Cents column. It allows us to squeeze out every last inch of both love and bile and subsequently put the year to bed.

By Caden Mark Gardner | January 19, 2022
At the Museum

One of Bugs Bunny’s greatest attributes is that he transcends the rational to become one of Hollywood entertainment’s greatest anti-establishment heroes.

January 12, 2022
Years in Review

So, 2021 wasn’t quite the rejuvenating year we all hoped for. Yet in terms of movies, it nearly did the trick. With impressive, even spectacular films from so many of our greatest living filmmakers and major arrivals from very exciting new voices, we feel yanked back from the precipice of doom.

By Max Carpenter | November 10, 2021
At the Museum

A mysterious fascination keeps one watching as On Cinema chugs along, playing out like a never-ending purgatory of what in most universes would have been a short curiosity sketch.

By Chloe Lizotte | November 4, 2021
Event Horizon

Its creative interactivity distinguishes TikTok from image-based social networks like Instagram, and also explains its dominance as a short-form video app, a larger trend in China.

Ghost Story of Yotsuya, Lord Shango, Malignant, Dracula, Carnival of Souls, Silent Night Deadly Night 3, When a Stranger Calls

By Matthew Eng | September 22, 2021
American ID

The crime remains so notorious in the town that, at one point, a longtime neighbor who resides by the now-shuttered family grocery refuses to discuss it with the director or even appear on camera.

By Kelli Weston | September 20, 2021
Festival Dispatch

Several films on view continued to reckon, indirectly or otherwise, and to varying degrees of success, with our era of disrupted intimacy and heightened loneliness. Titles include Quickening, The Humans, and The Power of the Dog.