January 8, 2018
Years in Review

The Shape of Water; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; The Disaster Artist; The Killing of a Sacred Deer; Rat Film; Wonder Woman; Victoria & Abdul; Beauty and the Beast; City of Ghosts; Baby Driver; Wind River; I Love You, Daddy

By Rooney Elmi | January 7, 2018
At the Museum

Syrian filmmaker Ziad Kalthoum has created a study of men anguished by conflict without ever exploiting their predicament.

By Julien Allen | January 7, 2018
At the Museum

In just 50 minutes, nooks and crannies of humanity are explored with a deftness and potency it would normally take a six-part TV series to uncover.

By Chloe Lizotte | January 7, 2018
At the Museum

Spanning three visits to Chongqing over the course of one year, the film focuses on three of Shibati’s residents as they reckon with forced displacement and the dismantling of their homes and businesses.

By Caroline Madden | January 6, 2018
At the Museum

Shot in Poland for 35 days over the course of a year, this debut feature unfolds in a measured and unvarnished style that reflects the anthropologist eye of director Anna Zamecka.

By Ela Bittencourt | January 5, 2018
At the Museum

Ghost Hunting, which won a special prize at the 2017 Berlinale for Palestinian filmmaker Raed Andoni, is a relatively cool and sober restaging of interrogations and tortures suffered by prisoners in the Israeli interrogation center Moskobiya.

By Michael Sicinski | January 5, 2018
At the Museum

In Colo, three relatively ordinary people, a teenage girl and her two parents, are struggling to make ends meet. But by the end of the film, they are entirely new, having been shattered by trauma and reassembled into damaged, isolated individuals.

By Jordan Cronk | January 4, 2018
At the Museum

Blake Williams has achieved a holistic union of his own that speaks at once to the transformative power of the moving image and the oceanic force of its full deployment.

January 1, 2018
Years in Review

A Quiet Passion, The Human Surge, Personal Shopper, Ex-Libris: The New York Public Library, BPM (Beats Per Minute), Phantom Thread, Nocturama, Wonderstruck, By the Time It Gets Dark, Faces Places

By Giovanni Vimercati | December 15, 2017
Festival Dispatch

What I am interested in the most is creating a demand for a different kind of cinema. Then maybe the authorities will realize it is time to change the rules.

By Devika Girish | November 10, 2017
At the Museum

The proliferation of domestic film festivals and the support of the National Film Development Corporation of India have facilitated an increasing number of local, out-of-mainstream spaces for film production and viewership, enabling the rise of regional independent movements.

The Birds, Lake Mungo, Diabolique, Dead Ringers, Island of Lost Souls, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Martin

By Julien Allen | October 18, 2017
Escape from New York

To understand the origins of the Screenplay film festival, the annual highlight of the Shetland arts calendar that Hubbard continues to run with eyebrow-raising drive and stamina, it is useful to note that Shetland is historically (and understandably) an island of enthusiastic bookworms.

While the selection includes both fiction and nonfiction films, the slant toward documentaries is pronounced: this year, out of the 15 films presented in the international competition, the vast majority were documentaries or fiction/nonfiction hybrids.