Taking stock of what’s new and notable in the ever-evolving ecosystem of experimental cinema.

By Jordan Cronk | April 2, 2024

While it is now customary to view most online content in this manner, it is still surreal to see vertical images in a cinematic context, despite being, as “Shifting Perspectives” demonstrates, one of the initial ways moving images were conceived in the late 19th century.

By Jordan Cronk | January 19, 2024

Many of the best and most radical films came from major auteurs experimenting with new forms, whether that is Hong Sang-soo, Pedro Costa, or Wang Bing. Plus: Lois Patiño, James Benning, Deborah Stratman, Steve McQueen, Eduardo Williams, Joshua Gen Solondz, and more.

By Jordan Cronk | November 20, 2023

Unlike the moving-image installations presented as part of group exhibitions like documenta and the Venice Biennale, Villa Medici focuses squarely on the theatrical presentation of its selection—which, considering the Renaissance-era backdrop, makes for some surreal viewing environments.