Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz talk about their new film Land Ho! while strolling through New York's Central Park. Though their buddy comedy-road movie centers on two aging American men traveling through Iceland, Stephens compares her odd-couple rapport with Katz to the one between characters Mitch and Colin. "I think to a lesser degree Aaron's kind of Colin and I'm sort of Mitch. I'm not Mitch in that I'm chasing skirts and being lewd, but I'm super restless," she says, "And Aaron is much more content to hang out at his house and read a book and do a crossword puzzle. It's fun when we get together because I'm always trying to get Aaron to go into some weird seedy dive bar—and he refuses." They also discuss the anything-goes spirit of the project, which yielded, among other things, stylized sightseeing montages scored to 80s rock music, particularly Scottish band Big Country. "Montages are just one other way we were trying to have fun and cut loose a little bit," Katz says. "If it ever came to 'Should we do this?' or 'Should we not do this?', one of us would always be like, 'Let's just try it and see what happens.'"