Reviewing the 13th edition of First Look, Museum of the Moving Image's annual festival showcasing adventurous new cinema.

By Chris Shields | March 14, 2024

Whereas the towering novel from which it takes its name, a timely meditation on the political and cultural environment in Europe leading up to the first world war, lives largely in its characters, Chachia and Voigt’s film, instead, personifies the “magic mountain” itself to unique and ghostly effect.

By David Schwartz | March 14, 2024

Drawing inspiration from Resnais’s film and Lem’s novel (but mostly from the latter), the Polish director, film professor, and cineaste Kuba Mirkuda has created in Solaris Mon Amour a one-of-a-kind archival masterwork.

By Mark Asch | March 13, 2024

New York is always being built and rebuilt on its own ruins, and this palimpsestic vision of the city is inextricable from the consequences of gentrification—the city is always ejecting people like Dakota from its slipstream.

By Caitlin Quinlan | March 12, 2024

Around every corner, there are temptations and dangers calling him back to an old way of life. Yet in Sujo, which accompanies and expands upon Identifying Features so profoundly, hope is the sustaining force. Opening Night selection of First Look 2024 at Museum of the Moving Image.

By Nicholas Russell | March 11, 2024

The audience sees engine-rendered vistas shot like B-roll, in-game interviews with players staged as talking heads, the physical limitations and cinematographic mores of real-life filmmaking transposed onto the lightweight, untethered physics of a video game.