In this Reverse Shot Talkie, host Eric Hynes shoots pool and talks shop with Bill and Turner Ross (Tchoupitoulas). Meeting up in Columbia, Missouri, where the Ross's Western screened at the 2015 True/False Film Fest, they discuss the adventurous aspects of their films, the artistic ambitions that can hide behind an unpretentious demeanor, and the challenges of balancing an enjoyable life with the task of documenting the lives of others.

According to Turner, one can serve the other: “Disarming any pretense allows for meaningfully engaging” with the people and places they film. They close by contemplating the need to pivot from the deeply lived-in, bordertown poetry of Western to new subjects and forms. “For me it's not about evolving, it’s about having images in your head that you want to get out,” Bill says. “Stuff that I want to see and that excites me.”